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“The Lord”

A warm welcome awaits at the Stovin Gardening Movement

Nurture the planet, strengthen your family and follow the ways of The lord

The Stovin Gardening Movement flows from the example of the five elemental sprits Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Lee. These teaching were revealed to Lee after a series of religious encounters between 2015 – 2022. Lee honours the teachings from the bible but also draws influence from Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism after numerous experiences with Allah & Father.


Lee has entered a covenant with the Gods Allah and The Father
and through their teachings has revealed a greater purpose, the pursuit of polygamy and being a caretaker of the planet. The Stovin Gardening Movement aims to nurture the planet, being partly self-sufficient through the labour of growing one’s own garden. Strengthened by extending one’s family by means of polygamy.


We welcome the diversity of fellow travellers on the journey, those involved in the movement come from a variety of traditions, churches and cultures. If you want to learn the teachings of Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Lee. join the Stovin Gardening Movement today. You will be known as a “circle” please commit to growing a garden.

Allah wants girls to plant flowers

Father wants men to grow vegetables