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Fire – Moses

Moses spoke to god through a burning bush and led his people by a pilar of fire. A pilar of fire also aided his peoples escape.

Water – Jesus

Jesus did many miracles with water such as walking on water, turning water into wine and water came out of his body when he was stabbed by the spear of destiny. Those that follow him are baptised in water.

Earth – Mohammed

Mohammed climbed a mountain and conquered much land as a prophet. His religion is designed best to spread over earth and conquer earth.

Air – Lee

Lee grew his own food, planted flowers and trees to do carbon capture and clean the air.

Love – Pollen

Angel Gabriel will come to the earth as a girl called pollen she will have four horses and save the animals like the elephant.

Church of Eden – Grow a garden – be known as a circle

The lord god Says grow your own garden of vegetables, trees and flowers. follow the lord and donate potatoes to the food bank at Ripon cathedral for father. To fight for love I grow flowers. Those that follow the religion should be known as circles and follow circleism.

Worship God

I founded my church of Eden. Please worship God Yahweh by growing an orange 🍊 tree 🌲 in your churches ⛪️ biodome.

Harvest festival

Please celebrate the harvest festival by having a banquet with family, friends or the church and donate food to the poor and elderly.

Recruit girlfriends

Recruit girlfriends of the right hand possesses at Job Superhero. Take up to five girlfriends.


The sprit of father dances and has a hard cacoon of a shield 🛡️. Father teaches to grow your own food.


The sprit of Allah  has a sting and attacks the enemy with the sword 🗡️ of a flower. He teaches to grow flowers 🌸 .