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5th horse – love

5th horse – love

The 5th horse is don’t hire any women with other men’s children unless they have prayed to father by the moonlight and given you a tribute.

”A man shouldn’t have to water another mans field”


This should bring a sweetheart into my arms as my girlfriend and choose me as her man first.

I told you I’m alpha – I’m not your slave women. I won’t be a slave to another mans seed. I want my own children.

You have the freedom to choose. But I won’t feed you if you don’t pick me.

You can’t make me be in a relationship with a girl who has had other men’s children. That’s my human right.


Your fighting God women. I want my own children I will no longer be a slave to you. If you don’t believe me. Think of my resolve with Satan’s witch I won’t be her boyfriend now she has had Satan’s child, she should have picked me.

I am not a monster I am going to save the animals. Women are the monsters. *blows raspberry*