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A strange answer to my prayers

A strange answer to my prayers

I was praying to ask what should I do to Allah and Father and my response was:

“You shouldn’t be asking what to do but telling us what you want us to do – you are the lord”

and was told

”With power comes responsibly”

I was like wow. I finally get it. I tell father and Allah what to do.

I will test my powers as a leader with a selfish act first and see how it goes.

If you follow Father

If you are a young beautiful woman without children that is a Christian please be my wife, work with me at my marketing agency and I will give you a dowry of your own business too. Please let me marry your daughters of age.



If you follow Allah

If you follow Allah and are Muslim bring your Lord young servant girls to be my concubines and work at my escort agency. They should want to have my children.

Please help my family with finding wives and servants for many generations to come.