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A woman should look to get married as early as possible

A woman should look to get married as early as possible

A woman shouldn’t put of marriage as a woman’s reproductive life span is a lot shorter than a mans. As soon as she is mature enough and has finished her education she should look to get married. The earlier the better. She should look for a mature husband that can provide her with a large dowry.

The qualities a woman should look for in a husband are: does he have his own home and business? A righteous man that hasn’t followed sinful pursuits should have these provisions in place. Try to marry the older men first over younger men as these men have been worshiping God the longest and are better placed to provide for women.

Don’t be shy to approach men 10, 20, 30, 40 years older. If they are good men who have followed the ways of God they will be in a good position to provide for children.

A man should put off marrying until he has a good foundation in place to support children. God will be very angry of men who get women pregnant that do not have the means to support them, and force a woman into a life as a servant girl.

If a woman falls in love with a young servant boy and wants to marry him. First ask his boss as will be in a better position to know if they boys income will be stable in the future and ask for his blessing. As their is a responsibility on the servant owner to keep him employed so he can look after his children. Please don’t have too many children with a servant boy though as the burden on the master might be too great for him to carry.