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Accepting of ones religion and culture

Accepting of ones religion and culture

As there is a lot of discrimination by people and organisations of this religion due to ignorance and their own beliefs as an exercise schools and companies should do a big poster of a cloud of words about the religion. Here are some words to get you started.

  • sword of love
  • jesus
  • uriel
  • mohammed
  • moses
  • Gabriel
  • fire
  • water
  • earth
  • air
  • love
  • plants
  • trees
  • food
  • chillis
  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • allah
  • father
  • sam
  • right hand possesses
  • five girlfriends
  • circles
  • harvest festival
  • butterfly
  • bee
  • work from home
  • sun
  • moon
  • earth

There are some to get you started. Don’t hold prejudice Against the religion and our people. This will make Allah happy.