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Allah opens doors for Father to follow

Allah opens doors for Father to follow

You might find many things in the bible and the Quran non sensible nonsense. But I assure you the sprits of Allah and Father are real.

How should they work?

The sprit of Allah wages war in lands that doesn’t allow the religion of the four horsemen then once the battle is over the sprit of Father takes over and brings peace and love and builds cities and empires.

So what to do:

Amass Allah’s army by the wombs of your servant girls to go into battle if Allah’s sprit should call upon them.

Where your religion is allowed to practice use a family business to have five wives. Build churches, celebrate the harvest festival and practice peace and forgiveness.

There is only one God Yahweh who is kind who you should follow that is made up of Allah’s and father’s  sprit.

I am the lord and with meeting Yahweh and the sprits of Allah and Father I believe this to be true.

Allah likes computer games so it is ok to put Allah and Father in computers games to teach people about their roles within God.