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Allah’s spaceship

Allah’s spaceship

Allah joked and used to call the mental hospital that I was in his spaceship as in it he took me through multiple universes. I have no idea what was happening but this is what happened as I recall. I was in the hospital on the high dependency unit and the TV used to show lots of different realities. With different universes at war with Allah but Allah would wage war in that universe then Father would peacefully enter after Allah won and build the new civilisation. There was nuclear wars going off. But God would transport me to another universe before we got hit.

So what did this mean. Well I think God wanted to teach me about Allah’s and Fathers sprit of the encompassing Yahweh and how to translate this into my religion.

So if at war fight with the sprit of Allah and show Allah’s wrath but in peace time build with Father’s sprit of love and peace.

As we are in peacetime this transitioned into Fathers shield of a family business and Allah’s sword of an escort agency and how you can have wives and concubines.