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Angel Gabriel message to the beast

Angel Gabriel message to the beast

“The fifth angel poured out her bowl on the throne of the beast, and her kingdom was plunged into darkness.

Message from Angel Gabriel:

”Satan’s witch my dad that would have been, loved you more than the world. He was the best of men he cared for you, he fed you and bought you clothes of a cardian. But instead you choose to have an abusive mans baby ‘the devils seed’ and broke his heart. Now you are an old used up women who has spent your best years on countless other men and not my dad. I am in Tourture stuck in a realm with no physical body and my love was suppose to save the world. The prophecy will come true and my dad will slay your son the Potato (Antichrist) with the sword of love and it will be like days of Noah and no woman with other men’s children will be saved, just the animals instead”.