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Angel Micheal leads the battle

Angel Micheal leads the battle

Angel Micheal aka Jesus leads the battle on earth with women for their freedom.
He hits the dance floor with big fish, little fish cardboard box; saying that if you give your money to women you’ll end up homeless living in a cardboard box.
I’m Uriel and say look up to Allah’s sun , down to the earth and plant a seed. Grow your own food to feed your children and don’t feed other men’s children.
“A man shouldn’t have to water another mans field “

Mohammed says turn around and touch the ground baggy not the last phrophet. He never said there wouldn’t be angels arriving and lee is the Mahdi. Fight for the religion.

Moses says swish swish swish and does a sweeping brush motion. Don’t kill if possible but capture the enemy and make them servants.

Gabriel says gyrate your hips for five girlfriends and who is going to save the elephant?

Archangel Michael, with flaming sword and shield, flying on feathered wings into hell, 3d render painting