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Ark of the covenant

Ark of the covenant

Lee’s body is the ark, a cup that hold the five elemental sprits: Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Uriel and Gabriel. God Yahweh spoke with Lee “from between the two cherubim” Allah and Father.


Now with my pants on fire. God commands you to put women back in their place, no more hiss of Satan’s equal rights. Drink some alcohol and Use a rocket launcher if you have to defend yourself. Ask the government for a Moses payment an amount above women to look after them and provide them with food and clothing.


  • Love Jesus lord of the dance floor.
  • Love uriel lord of the garden
  • Love Mohammed lord of war
  • Love Moses lord of laws
  • Love Gabriel lordess of love

Peace on earth


If you get in my way I will feed you to the monster that is Laurie to do your therapy for £1000 for two hours of talking.


Raw onion

I will feed you Laurie with a raw onion I hope it makes you cry x