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Black angel Mohammed is back

Black angel Mohammed is back

Black angel Mohammed is back and says we need to put these women in order and show them discipline of a stick. Less carrot more stick. Marry religious men stop praying on them for money as harlots.

Ra (Allah) winks.

Girls you can either have the carrot of Jesus, Uriel and moses or the stick of Mohammed and Gabriel but your having gods children not Satan’s. Gabriel will just crush Satan’s babies with an elephants foot.


You can’t keep Mohammed prisoner like Uriel.

Mohammed after beating the woman says it’s just part of my religion and walks free out of court.


“Here a stick to beat the lovely lady. “

I still have them pots to wash Lucy (Elle). lol x joking. I’m not a tool.


What Uriel did instead of Mohammed when his girlfriend left him was punish her with a therapy quote and said you will have to pay £1000 for therapy to get back with me and be my girlfriend. That’s uriel’s stick.