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Buddha, blackpool

Buddha, blackpool

For months I heard the voice of Angel Gabriel telling me to go to blackpool. After several months I gave in to curiosity and went in a taxi. On the way the taxi driver gave me some salted seeds and said that some Muslims gave me these seeds to give to you. Which now reminds me of Buddha when Buddha only eat seeds that fell in his lap. The taxi drivers daughter phoned him and had a problem with Mohammed that could only be solved with Jesus’s water and she said maybe I am the fifth element. I heard the devil scared on the radio and couldn’t believe that I was making the trip to blackpool. When I got home months later Allah said that Buddha was the air element. But I fell down an energy level from the fifth element because of Satanic women taking advantage of me so I am the element of air by father but on a solid ground of Buddhas teachings. You have to embrace that life is dukkha.

so with 🐝 Allah’s sword I am the element of love 💗 but with 🦋 fathers shield 🛡️ I am the element of air.