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Dance worship by Jesus

Dance worship by Jesus

While I was imprisoned in mental hospital the sprit of Jesus taught me a funny dance as a form of dance worship to help pass the time it went.

  • Angel Michael- big fish little fish cardboard box – if you give all your money to women you might end up living in a cardboard box 📦.
  • Uriel – look up, look down and plant a seed – restore the garden of Eden.
  • turn around and touch the ground- baggy not the last prophet
  • swish swish swish – sweeping 🧹 broom movement – Moses don’t kill but take servants of the right hand possesses
  • Lucy gyrate your hips for five girlfriends
  • Laurie- forward rolly poley backwards rolly poley with hands. As Laurie will be doing roley poley a in hell for what she did to me.