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Differences between a wife and a servant girlfriend

Differences between a wife and a servant girlfriend

A wife

  • Doesn’t have to work
  • Helps raise and look after children
  • Receives a dowry at marriage
  • Is taken care of after divorce
  • Doesn’t have children before entering marriage
  • Must submit to her husbands sexual needs
  • Lives with her husband
  • Has her food, clothing and accommodation provided for by her husband
  • Should believe in God and the religion
  • Must be a virgin

A girlfriend

  • Works for the family business
  • Must not have children to other men

A servant (concubine)

  • Must work in the home or business
  • Receives a basic pay to cover her basic food and clothes
  • The man has no responsibilities towards her after she leaves him
  • Should have sex with her boss
  • Should have children with her boss
  • Doesn’t receive any form of dowry
  • Can’t have sex with other men
  • You can have up to 3000 servant girlfriends /concubines said Allah