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Father and Ripon cathedral 🦋

Father and Ripon cathedral 🦋

When I escaped from mental hospital 🏥 I went to Ripon cathedral. It was night time and raining. I asked 🦋 father if I could see Elle (Lucy) from escort centre again at the harvest festival. He said collect rain ☔️ water 💧 so I sat in the arc way of the cathedral and collected rain water with an upside down umbrella ☔️ and a jug. Music started playing inside the cathedral and the lights came on. I heard the voices of reporters asking me what I was doing and I said trying to save Lucy. The lights then was all on and the music stopped. 🦋 Father said that probably was enough water. On the way back to the mental hospital in a police car I spilled the water so only had a few drops left in the jug so I watered the garden with diluted water to put love in the air. 🦋 Father then told me that Elle was impossible.

Years later 🦋 Father told me to go to Ripon cathedral and give them a potato and say this is 🦋 fathers air. Well I didn’t want to seem nuts to them but I did go to Ripon cathedral and donate a bag of potatoes to the food bank. I also bought my niece a love heart silver necklace that reminded me of elles love 💗 heart tattoo.