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Father’s job interview

Father’s job interview


Fathers job interview.

He firsts asks a girl to strip naked and then asks if they are good in bed.

He asks if she has any children. ( I have one child please forgive me)

Go on then I’ll get you pregnant.

Then asks do you want to be a girlfriend.

Then asks her qualifications and work experience.


Father chuckles.

Lee is very religious he wants to see your boobies before he hires you and I will give you chocolates and you can dance. X

Father loves the harvest festival he gets to see naked females.

I don’t think father is a fake god we will find out by the harvest festival.

Father wants to see your boobies. Here is some chocolates.

That’s some serious water. All the angels pass out, Father is funny.

Father says I’m not a fake god you will have a cuddle I promise.

Allah says you can follow Father if you want to I’m still angry.