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Fathers love potion

Fathers love potion

In one of the first universes I was in when I met God. Father made me make wedding water from fruit juice, which I then turned into a love potion.

I put a drop of the love potion on a business card and handed it to Stephanie the nurse so she wouldn’t instantly fall in love with me and want to sleep with me.
But Stephanie was wearing blue rubber gloves so it didn’t touch her skin. When she saw Barry she took the gloves off and touched the business card. She instantly took Barry into one of the bedrooms and had sex with him. They never came out of that room. But was then down the corridor. I was in a different universe. No longer in the water universe but the air universe. I then went off to give women orgasms by blowing at them and by using plants.

I now am on earth and have give women orgasms on earth. But some times god merges people from different universes so they might remember.

They did really they just probably don’t remember it. They don’t remember half the things they used to say to me.

Like I wish I was a stripper, foursomes (four horsemen) and cuddles.

Father take me to the fire dimension I want to try and find Lucy (Elle from escort center). Otherwise I will destroy escort centre with my flaming sword.