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Fathers spaceship

Fathers spaceship

Now I’ve changed from Allah’s physics Death Star that blows up worlds with the darkside of solar panels and nuclear power to grow indoor plants with grow lights.

I have now changed to a white star of glass windows and growing food with natural light. – parable


Allah’s Death Star

Fathers white star


Use biology for your armour and use physics for your weapons. Grow lights food to fund your sword! That does not mean grow weed to kill people 😉 lol

Drug dealers feel free to donate to the religion I won’t know it’s from a drug dealer but it’s better to use the Jedi way and grow mushrooms on used tea lol. 😀 I need weapons to destroy Satan get me 😉 I am going to sell e-cigarettes to destroy Satan not weed.

What you been smoking

Give me a fiver for Allah’s lasers 

My weapons are not actually made of dark energy but of Christmas and white light energy and e-cigarettes.

But my reactor is made of nuclear energy when drug dealers grow Tobacco 😉 on nuclear energy and donate the money to me. Because I know how to manipulate water my engines run on white energy.

Its a game ! Can’t stop me playing I’m a player!