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Four horses 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎

Four horses 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎

This is the fourth time I have setup a garden and then been attacked so I lost my land.

🐎 conquest: The first garden was a container garden and I had to move to Macclesfield for work where I was attacked by psychological attacks from what I thought was Laurie. I lost my garden and later my chickens, chicken shed and apple trees when I went to Malta for work. I also lost my fiancé due to the stress.

🐎 war: The second garden was at home but I had my door broken down by the police. Was sectioned and had the radio say nasty things to me in hospital to prevent me having children such as that I have aids. I don’t have hiv or aids I had a test. I had my things stolen, the heating turned in summer on constant while I was in hospital and windows smashed from the front and back and my chickens killed and stolen. Gate broken. My orange tree was stolen. I had to sell my houses.

🐎 famine: The third garden was a container garden. Pearl Hendrixson chose a black man to have children with over me, even though she insisted that I got a hiv test before she would be my girlfriend. I lost pearl. Once again I was metaphorically shot. The council then sent me a letter that I thought was to get rid of my plant pots and I had to pay £20 to put the compost back and replant the potatoes which there will be less than £20 worth. Lee has a heart.

🐎 Death: This is my last garden. I don’t have it in me to try anymore to grow it. It costs too much to setup. I’m going to just use the last of Mohammed’s earth to grow on. I give up on dating women and trying to have children now. It is the fourth bullet, the fourth nail in the coffin.


🌺 This is the last soil, Mohammed’s soil. The embrace of Mohammed as the prophet of earth. That’s four Mohammed’s men to beat.