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God asked for a new name

God asked for a new name

While in mental hospital Allah asked for a new name. I decided to group the three gods Yahweh (earth), father (moon) and Allah (sun) into the one God of the universe Sam.

I decided to call him Sam for several reasons. It goes back to a long story about doing air magic to give women orgasms. It was when I was at war with smokers.

But with Sam you are allowed to give women who smoke e-cigarettes premarital orgasm, due to me mixing the war and peace element of Allah and father to make Sam.

Sam stands for a couple of things.

  • stealthy, attack, mode
  • secret, Allah’s, Muslim


So the name of the God of the universe is Sam. We attack the enemy so stealthily they don’t know they are being attacked. Such as putting extra salt on their fries so they spend more money on drinks. Let my words be seasoned with salt.

So as a stealthy Allah Muslim you can have five girlfriends. Four wives and one servant of the right hand possesses.

lord Uriel.