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God forces it with the lords banquet

God forces it with the lords banquet

God forces it on the 1st of October the harvest festival with the lords banquet. He offers his youngest servant girl of age to take his seed and have his children and shares a meal of:

  • Allah and Fathers chilli tomatoe soup
  • Allah and fathers chilli spaghetti Bolognese with Allah’s mushrooms, Allah’s chillis, Sam’s peppers and fathers tomatoes, onions and mince meat in served with garlic bread and Michaels corn
  • This is finished off with uriel’s strawberries and asks them to be one of his five girlfriends (wives) if he doesn’t have five girlfriends already.

This is the day of judgment and the beginning of the “spag Bol”.

Gods men will follow through as they have been growing these plants, praying to god through them and keeping their covenant with god all through the growing season.

If the servant girl doesn’t accept their masters seed. He will say bye to her and that is the last meal she will get out of him.