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God wants his revenge on Laurie etc

God wants his revenge on Laurie etc

God wants his revenge on Laurie and the like for praying on all the nice men and taking their money and not showing them love. He wants to restore the balance that women have over men. Women have put men in servitude of them. Nice Men just bend over backwards to do everything for women giving them nice gifts and giving them money but the women don’t show them love or appreciate it. Women have a princess entitlement mentality and this needs sorting.

Women will now have to serve men not the other way around and add to men’s wealth so they can build great houses for their children.

Women should be put to child rearing, housework and helping in the business while the men rules like a king of his household. No more feminism of Satan’s hiss or the slither of equal rights to put men on a back foot. Men are suppose to be in control and that is the war man has with women.
As women hissed at me like a snake under Satan’s control they will hiss at my words with arguments.
Women should have their husbands and masters children not other men’s children.

As of Moses men should provide food, clothing and shelter to their wives but they shouldn’t be made slaves to them and women should be servants to men but not be paid above what is profitable to add to Gods kingdom.