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Gods finial judgement – harvest festival

Gods finial judgement – harvest festival

Gods final judgement will happen by this harvest festival it will include the increased destruction of the earth by the four elemental prophets, the four horsemen. They will destroy by water- Jesus, wind – Lee, earthquakes – Mohammed and fire – Moses.

White horse – Conquer lands with the right hand possesses rules.

Red horse – Take five girlfriends without children who and give them a dowry each and provide them with food, clothing and shelter and go to war with a flaming sword and argue with women not to be prostitutes.

Black horse – Grow your own food and celebrate the harvest festival.

Pale horse – Donate to look after wildlife animals in your will.


Prostitution should be made illegal and the women imprissioned. They should choose a life of marriage not prostitution.


The four horsemen will reign with increased destruction until the earth is ruled by Gods people not Satan’s. Then the fifth element will arrive representing love.