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Growing potatoes beats solar panels

Growing potatoes beats solar panels

Having a field of potatoes, harvested by a tractor and then make into alcohol for fuel is cheaper than solar.

You can’t beat nature’s solar panels.

Trust the lord and father.

Trust Christians

It also takes co2 out of the air and when we die turns into soil. Carbon capture.

Wind won’t make a difference to my potatoes so do wind energy too for home heating.

Girls you got to get breeding with me it’s carbon capture.
Plus pigs eat it.

Charlotte trust me we need to eat meat.

”anything on the meat market is fine to eat” Jesus

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My only weakness is garlic when people have bad breath it makes me sick. Parable

Steve lions escorts

Superman doesn’t have bad breath that’s why he started with fathers mint.

Like I said I am the lord of the air. Keep breathing