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Heading for a blackhole

Heading for a blackhole

I was laid out on my sofa and had a heart attack and saw a demon Laurie say “it’s you” before coming back alive.
Jesus restored my strength all night with me drinking water and a wind and energy flowed from the white kitchen wall to the red living room wall. There was people coming from the red wall asking to be saved so I drank more water and I felt a rush of cool energy and wind flow from the white wall to the red wall.
The next day I laid on my sofa again and heard a genie 🧞‍♂️ The last water genie of space and time share his life force with me. He was called mezipi I traveled through space and time passing people along the way and they warned me that there is a blackhole ahead.

Later in mental hospital Allah said I had to close that blackhole did I make it? I said no.