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How to compost food scraps

How to compost food scraps

How to compost food scraps

Reusing your food scraps to make compost is really simple and there’s so many great benefits!

There’s something sacrilege when it comes to waste and throwing away something that could be repurposed. Many people don’t see waste food the same as normal waste and they are missing a great opportunity. In this article we’ll discuss why and how you can transform your food waste products into environmental gold.


Repurposing food scraps is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment, something we should all be striving for in 2021. The most compelling reasons for repurposing food scraps are:


Component of compost – food waste is an organic material that helps to renew and rejuvenate depleted soils.

Valuable nutrients – food waste can add valuable nutrients to your garden allowing you to give back to the earth.


If you’ve never created compost before you can be forgiven if you think it’s a difficult process however it’s actually very simple and can be done in a variety of ways and settings.



The simple method

The truth is all you need is a spade and a patch of dirt for food scrap composting. You must ensure that you dig down at least 8 inches and then cove the scraps back up with dirt to mask the smell from animals and vermin. This cold method is notoriously slow taking between 6-12 months.


The bin method

You can speed the process up by blending your food waste(breaking down waste material into a slurry) and adding it to an outside bin. As there will be more internal heat this will hurry the process along.

The turning method

Turning units for compost allow you to mix up the compost, providing oxygen to all the little microbes and bacteria that are breaking it down. They also allow you to easily spread moisture throughout the bin so you don’t have dry areas. It also increases the temperature, thereby enhancing organic breakdown.

The Christian Gardening movement is an avid supporting of home composting and urges everyone to repurpose their food scraps if possible. Give back to the earth and reduce the unnecessary waste that Is sent to landfill.

If you’d like to learn more about our movement don’t hesitate to contact us.