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I bet you wish you was nice to me now

I bet you wish you was nice to me now

The lord says I bet you wish you was nice to me now.

My five girlfriends have to sell five elements and give me £30,000 each as a tribute to forgive them and put the payments through the website, this is to buy the lords home.

Stand up and do something

  • Water – sell therapy
  • Air  – Sell carbon capture
  • Earth – Rent your apartment
  • Fire – Sell energy
  • Love – sell Nikah certificates for five girlfriends

Once they have made me £20,000 each I will forgive them, I want a return on my investment in you girls.

They call them the “impossibles” because it didn’t matter how hard I tried they wouldn’t let me have children with them but had another men’s children.

Don’t forgive women who have had another mans child without a large tribute.

”A man shouldn’t have to water another mans field” Uriel

I still have hope for the fifth element to be my wife if she has my children. You can me Elle – uniting nations.

I am lord!

Allah’s fairy tail!