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I feel let down by women

I feel let down by women

I feel let down by women rather than having a nice woman to support me in life mostly emotionally and help them build me up. I have had them destroy me and take away everything that I have. Women like Camelia who I took a large guarantor loan out with and she didn’t repay it and who just use me for money is a typical example of women that have destroyed me and haven’t supported me. There has been no nice women in my life except my mum. God bless my mum if it wasn’t for her I would be homeless and starving.

There are no nice women anymore. I am going to have to get a lot harder if I’m suppose to survive against women. Jesus has made me soft. Being kind to women just ends up with you being taking advantage of. I’m going to take a leaf out of Allah’s book and be a lot harder and firm against women.