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I know them to be true, Sam, Allah and father

I know them to be true, Sam, Allah and father

I know them to be true all three gods. The god head Sam (Yahweh) and his right hand servant ra (Allah) and left hand servant (father).

Ra (Allah) is a war god and his personality is a bit difficult to like he is jealous and wants you to only follow him and the dark side of the force. But there is definitely an opposite to him; father.


Father is soft and kind and wants you to go for cuddles he is the light side of the force. He is understanding and comforting like a father. Although not hard and ruthless like Allah he brings you comfort. I never will turn my back on father.


So who should you worship?

I worship both Ra (Allah) and father with my two plants Allah’s chillis and fathers tomatoes. Allah is my sword while father is my shield and I use them both to go into battle for girlfriends. You need Allah’s sprit to win you girlfriends as Allah teaches that competition for girlfriends is like a zoo and you must fight to win them. Then you need fathers spirit to love, care and support them and show them a good life and let them give birth to your seed.


Archangel Michael, with flaming sword and shield, flying on feathered wings into hell, 3d render painting