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I shared water with a Genie

I shared water with a Genie

When I died from a heart attack and was brought back to life with water I rested the next day on the sofa.

I met the last water genie and I shared the space time continuum with him. We past energy back a fourth and kept each other alive. Then he said he had enough being a genie and gave the last of his powers to make me an Angel. He granted me three wishes:

  • That I never have to work for anyone else again
  • That I could have many girlfriends
  • That I could have children

There is only five type of Genies and they can give up their powers to make angels:

  • Water genies
  • air genies
  • earth genies
  • fire genies
  • and light genies

I am protected by an air genie. I seek the other genies to help me rule Gods kingdom and fight Satan.

I am going to put the sprits of five Genies into the flaming sword to give it power in Eden.

I know how to find genies but it’s a secret.