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I wanted 3000 babies

I wanted 3000 babies

I wanted 3000 babies. I asked father for lots of babies he said I can have them as long as I can feed them. When it mental hospital I kept seeing the nurses women’s belly’s go from being flat to full grown pregnant within minutes then flat again. I have no idea what happened to the babies that’s when I was using air. In that universe the nurses tried having air babies without me but they died because they wasn’t my babies. They have to be my babies not any mans babies that was the agreement I had with god.  But I want to do it natural God on earth and have 3000 babies with up to 3000 women as that just freaked me out.

Father said them air babies was just food babies as father was hungry. Omg he is a monster lol.

If they say it never happened that’s what happened in my reality.

If I have seen people teleport then babies can be teleported out of belly’s too.

Women they have to be my babies not other men’s babies or they are just food.I hope we have got that sorted.



After I have had my earth babies I am going to try and make fire babies.

I was going to have one earth baby to anca but I just couldn’t keep her pregnant. There isn’t enough food unless we are going to start eating babies. Lol