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I’m confused angel Gabriel- false gods

I’m confused angel Gabriel- false gods

I am really confused. I have Angel Gabriel telling me the future on TV and in real life what people are going to say before it happens. So my belief that angel Gabriel is real is concreted but what confuses me is that father said I would see Lucy (elle from escort center) again at the harvest festival but I never got to see her again. So I am thinking Gods prophecy was fake but Angel Gabriel is real as she proves it to me daily.

Allah said I could have many servant concubines of the right hand possesses and father said I could have many children to these concubines as long as I could feed them. But nothing is happening. I have kept my covenant with god but I don’t get it. The Tv calls me lord and god calls me Christ but I feel powerless. I just feel like nobody that women treat like rubbish. That’s what I think and why I am confused.

Father made me laugh he said he couldn’t afford Lucy lol


I say by the powers of the universe and the flaming sword bring Lucy (Elle from escort center) to me for I have the power. I probably won’t see her, I seriously doubt fathers powers as they only work if people care and have a heart. That’s why I probably won’t have my own children.