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I’m that mad I’m going to drink alcohol – Jesus

I’m that mad I’m going to drink alcohol – Jesus


I have been used by women and they didn’t have my children. I’m that mad I’m going to drink fire water (alcohol).

Jesus lord of the dance floor.

I have vacation plans, I’m going this afternoon. I have no time for Satan.

I am going to feed you to the monster you need therapy. I wonder if I’ll get my £1000 back for father. Lol

Satan I eat allah’s chilli and I’m breathing fire now I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

I will hit them with the venom, if you have another mans child over mine I won’t take you back.

Monster stealthy (everyone text Jesus finds it funny)  I bring peace the the world just put women in order with discipline. I just need to tell the bitch off so am using alcohol.


Just have one virgin wife but if you can’t find one go back to Uriel’s (Mahdi) five girlfriend rules.

Don’t kill Jesus that comes from Mohammed.

I am not drinking really just lemonade 😉 it gives me strength to fight Satan.

That’s fathers toothpaste!

Plant lemon trees if you have children and make your own lemonade. Love Jesus (real muscle)