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Introduction to circleism

After several deeply religious experiences I became a prophet.
So what is circleism about.

Well circleism is about looking after the earth, feeding yourselves and your family and having a polygamous family.

We believe that a circle man can take up to five servant girlfriends to have his children.

We believe because of father saying to Lee. That “it is ok to have as many children as you want as long as you can feed them”.

We promote and practice growing your own food as it takes less oil miles to put it on your plate if grown from home.

We practice working from home.

It is ok to give a girlfriend a job and let them work for you. Those that work for you are to be known as the “right hand possesses”.

So go for five girlfriends, work from home and grow your own food. Five girlfriends for the win 🥇!