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It has something to do with Allah

It has something to do with Allah

I still have not figured out allah and father after god introduced me to them but god told me.

“Allah is like the one writing his name in the sand while father gets the drinks.”

I still don’t get it. I think allah is gods side of his personality that is responsible for gods wrath. Allah told me he is the god of war and i represent him as a 🐝 bee with sting and father i represent as a 🦋 butterfly that comes out of a hard shield of a cocoon.

God has never give me any clear instructions. Just vague descriptions and things to do. Like father told me to plant potatoes and then take the potatoes to Ripon cathedral and say this is Father’s air.

All I know is that Allah is something to do with it.

Then god explained it to me, Allah has to keep going back to father for water (Jesus) to write his name in the people of earth and make his magic happen.

All very confusing stuff but I am glad god is sharing.