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These are a collection of jokes I have heard from God, angels and those in the holy sprit about the religion.

This One Is By Jesus

Jesus told me another joke based on my religion.

How do you get the pants off a stripper?



Lee’s response:

”Make sure you get her pregnant”


Bar Joke Jesus

A joke I heard

A man walks into a bar and asks for a pint,  the bar man hands him one pint and an empty glass and charges him for two. The customers says “what’s that?” The bar man reply’s “we only serve Lee’s sprit here”

The Christian heckler

The Christian heckler reply to the above joke yes. But Jesus wouldn’t charge you. Thinking she had the moral upper hand and felt righteous in herself.

Lee reply how am I suppose to keep the bar open if I don’t charge? I suppose I could turn water into wine or something again!


Another Joke By Angel Gabriel

Have you repaid your money? then you better go to church mate.

Don’t worry the Jews will get it.


Judgement Day Joke By Angel Gabriel

Angels Gabriel told me another joke.

A man asks the bouncer at a stripclub what they have on draft. The bouncer says they only serve Lee’s sprit but if you come back after judgement day it will be cheaper.


I got it Gabriel because the stripclub will be in competition with the church. Lol

Physiatrist joke by Lee

The physiatrist asks Lee. “Do you hear any voices?” Lee reply’s “no just the holy sprit”



Allah’s joke

Muslim men say “now we can have an extra wife we are peaceful” lol