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Laurie opened the 7th seal

Laurie opened the 7th seal

It was just after Laurie the love of my life had told me that she was pregnant to Ian that I was in my room at night and her sprit with Ian said “let’s see what happens when we open the 7th seal”. Her sprit started stabbing me so I hid in the dark and called for an ambulance. When I got to the hospital I ended up in a trance walking along the corridor with my Pajarma bottoms falling down saying “Adam don’t trust Eve” and the women nurses there hissed at me like snakes 🐍.
The devil then asked me to worship him and kept dropping my dead father and grandparents repeatedly from the window. I said I won’t support the devil.

That night I met two women nurses who I think was fathers and Allahs angels.
One of the nurses pulled a superman ring off my finger that she called “the ring of power” which was stuck and she said. That bitch Laurie she cursed the ring she has put the devil and her above in heaven and us at the bottom. We will have to fight all our way back up again. She told me to look after nature. The other angel nurse showed me a video of her children and they was hissing 🐍 like snakes. She touched the bag of water solution going into my veins and through nlp put Moses snake venom in my sprit. No longer will I raise another mans child as my own.

”A man shouldn’t have to water another mans field” and it broke Laurie’s curse who thought I would continue to send her large sums of money to feed a nasty mans child.

Now I have medicine like a salad 🥗 bowl 🥣 in my head and grow my own food for therapy because the love of my life had another nasty mans child.

That is when I became angel Uriel in charge of restoring Eden.