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Leave an inheritance to your sons

Leave an inheritance to your sons

As it is your sons that are providers and maintain the family. Leave them equal inheritance so they can invest in a larger homes for their family or their family businesses and your sons are responsible for looking after their mothers.
If you only have daughters then leave an inheritance to your wives.


This is similar to Islam that gives greater importance to the men receiving a larger inheritance than the females.

Allah commands you regarding your children: the share of the male will be twice that of the female.1 If you leave only two ˹or more˺ females, their share is two-thirds of the estate. But if there is only one female, her share will be one-half. Each parent is entitled to one-sixth if you leave offspring.2 But if you are childless and your parents are the only heirs, then your mother will receive one-third.3 But if you leave siblings, then your mother will receive one-sixth4—after the fulfilment of bequests and debts.5 ˹Be fair to˺ your parents and children, as you do not ˹fully˺ know who is more beneficial to you.6 ˹This is˺ an obligation from Allah. Surely Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.