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Lee’s Journey

In the last 6 years I have gone through a very religious experience. I have had several events such booming voices from the sky have spoken to me that make me feel like it was a religious experience. It started off with strangers calling out to me and saying for God’s sake drink some water. Which I think was a reference to the living water that is Jesus Christ. Then while at home one evening I heard a girl called who Laurie voice came from above in my house, she stabbed me in the chest and body then said let’s see what happens when we open the 7th seal. I then went to hospital where I ended up in a trance with my eyes closed I walked forward saying “Adam don’t trust eve” while the women nurses in the hospital hissed at me like snakes. I got to the end of the corridor where my body twisted around and squirmed going up and down where with my eyes closed I saw I bright light above and a fiery pit below. Just as I started to look up into the light the nurses and doctors dragged me back into a chair injected me with things then put me on a drip. I saw people with red eyes including my mum that visited. I heard an angel blow a trumpet while resting in the hospital bed and heard the voice of Satan. I was in hospital all that night before they put me in mental hospital. In hospital on TV I heard Allah throw Laurie in the fiery pits of hell for breaking my heart by getting pregnant to a nasty man and I cried. The doctor there was a woman and also hissed like a snake. They moved me to another part of the hospital I heard a lions roar before being discharged. Once I got home I was ok for a while before Allah shouted at me and told me to poor water over my head at my front door and say I was Muslim which I did. Then Jesus told me to go to my back door and poor water over my head and say I’m Christian which I did. All night I drank water and felt a rush of air and energy flow through me from left to right as I heard people in hell asking to be saved. So I drank more water and more wind and energy flowed across me. The windows was closed so the wind didn’t come from outside. The next day I heard voices coming from the heavens saying I don’t know what I am doing. Then later that night I was laid on my sofa when I heard a big rumbling which sounded like a big beast about to break through the wall. I ran outside and went to town later Allah chased me with a star while doing missile noises all across town while I ran. The star darted across the sky at such a flash nearly at the speed of light. The star kept shooting across the sky. I thought it was some strange spaceship. But come to the collusion it was all Allah but he has a strange sense of humour. I ended up back in mental hospital where I met the God head and then he introduced me to two sides to Gods Allah and Father. Allah is very strict and to be feared but father is soft and kind and to be loved. I got to know each of the personalities closely. I preferred father as Allah just terrifies me. I was in my room and Allah said you do know I am Father too. I said yes but I can handle it better this way. They are two sides to the same coin and work different Father is love while Allah is fear. I saw people in back in mental hospital teleport and I saw the same doctor in two places on the ward at the same time. I saw a strange butterfly creature with a huge body and small wings be created out of thin air by father. Later on while sat in the woman’s lounge I heard a booming voice of God’s from the sky’s saying “let him have five girlfriends” so that started my pursuit for five girlfriends. I escaped from mental hospital and saw several angels in the sky. It’s been over a year I have heard the voices of all the prophets and God has told me I am a prophet and I need to save the world from climate change and save the animals but I am no one. I have done lots of tests from god such as walking to the police station naked over a mile and confessing my sins. There is so many weird things that have happened to me that makes me think it really was God such as a Jin saying you are Muslim you will be protected that convince me of it. So I started reading the quaran and the bible. I found the quaran scary. Then I heard a voice saying that I can setup my own church. While I was in hospital Allah used to quiz me on lots of things, strange things like what would I eat in an ice age. We really got to know each other well. Allah has told me loads of stuff about the Quran before I even read it. But I find it far too scary to follow and I guess I believe in some of Islam’s teachings but I would call myself a Christian. Allah just says now he has put different realities into black holes which I don’t really understand but when you have seen people teleport I believe something weird regarding my reality is happening. There was a time among all of this i cant remember the date where i died briefly at home from a heart attack and i heard The witches voice in hell saying “it’s you” before coming straight back alive and it felt like i was on fire. The sprit of Jesus then restored me with water. Since then I have heard the sound of two loud trumpets of the Apocalypse. My faith in my religion has been shaken several times as Father promised me that I would get to see Lucy (Elle from escort center) at the harvest festival. Yahweh said “let him have five girlfriends” and I have none and father said that “I can have as many children as I want as long as I can feed them” and yet I have none. So maybe I am not a prophet. The last thing I heard was God talking through the TV and he said you are angel Uriel and Laurie is the Antichrist.