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Let him have five girlfriends

Let him have five girlfriends

After talking to the sprit of Jesus and telling him how I wanted five girlfriends to get over my broken heart of Laurie. I was sat in the woman’s lounge of cusworth mental hospital when Gods booming voice from the sky said “let him have five girlfriends” with a sigh in his voice. Then I got introduced to Allah and father by god Yahweh. Father said that I could have as many children as I wanted as long as I could feed them and when I got moved to skelbrook ward allah said I could have up to 3000 girlfriends if I worshiped him. But I chose father instead.

Now between Allah and father and by worshiping both. I can take four wives without children and one servant girl of the right hand possesses with a child as a fifth girlfriend.

Now this is the fifth year of doing battle with women to be my girlfriend and even though I have bedded a fair few. Non wanted to be in a relationship with me nor have my children.

So now if Allah and fathers magic is still with me even just a little bit and I still have a trace of angel water in me I seek one girlfriend of the right hand possesses.