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Make love not war – New Jihad

Make love not war – New Jihad

While I was in hospital I met Allah’s sprit and he said he was a war God and asked me who I wanted to defeat. Allah always needs an enemy to do his job and perform jihad. I didn’t really have any enemies. So I said smokers. He said what do you want me to do to them. I said give them orgasms when I blow at them.  But I can also use his powers on non smokers Allah would force an orgasm off them.
Then father said to me he was the sprit of love and asked who do I love and I said non smokers and what do you want me to do to them. I said ask non smokers to have an orgasm.

So I escaped from mental hospital and used my powers of the wind to give smokers and non smoking females orgasms it was funny. We tested the methodology.

I would blow and father would say to the girl would you like to orgasm? The girl might say yes or no. Father would say “are you sure?” if they said “no”.  Then it was my choice if I blew again Allah’s war sprit would come into play and Allah went “sorry but I insist” and would force them to have an orgasm. Then the girls would complain and say “You shouldn’t force an orgasm” I found it ever so funny and amusing to test Allah and fathers powers. But it had a reason for me to use them God wanted me to test the methodology of the religion.

Now my powers have Gone but I still speak and pray to Allah and father.

I pray to Father’s mint for five wives that are pure without children aged 18-25
and to Allah’s chillis I pray for Concubines aged 18-25 of the right hand possesses and because of my memories of Allah I would say “and if they smoke they smoke”.

All girls must submit sexually to the will of Allah there is no defiance.

So if you go to war make sure to capture and make love to your captive girls not kill them.

I have started thinking about what God was teaching me with this religion and what does it mean. I decided that God wants all girls to submit to this religion and to god.

So go out with peace with fathers love and find wives to marry. But if they are non believers and at war with them you can capture them and force them to be your concubines.

Girls you have two chances to join the religion with Father and be a wife then Allah will offer you a life as a servant concubine.

Then I forged the sword and the shield

Being in a time of peace and in a country where you can’t force an orgasm off a girl I decided to forge my shield and sword.

So twice I will ask a girl to marry me and be a wife and work at my marketing agency with Father’s  shield.

Then I will ask them to be an escort and they must be a girlfriend and have sex with them by Allah’s  sword.

Show to people that we have now grown and just use fathers Sheild of a family business to find wives or Allah’s sword of an escort agency to find girlfriends and show everyone Lee is a man of peace and love. So don’t rape but don’t support a servant girl who won’t have sex with you. Just get rid.  The air element.