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Meeting with God

Meeting with God

I met with God in mental hospital and after pleading my case to the sprit of Jesus for five girlfriends because I had lost Laurie to another man. God opened the heavens and said with a sigh in his voice “let him have five girlfriends”. Then later on in the garden god introduced me to his two servants 🐝 Allah and  🦋 Father. Gods sword 🗡 and shield 🛡. Then spoke to me and we decided that 🦋 Father was in charge and we are defensive and only use 🐝 Allah to attack when we have to. Allah would then move me around the hospital with shotgun noises and father fruit machine 🎰 jackpot noises. They was using a carrot 🥕 and stick 🦯 technique. One of the head nurses even commented on the jackpot noises saying “does anyone else hear that it that sounds like we are getting a Bonus”.

I then setup a new covenant with 🐝 Allah and 🦋 Father. For father I gave him the moon 🌙 and would grow mint 🍃 for him and for Allah I gave the sun 🌞 and grow the hottest chillis 🌶 that I can to remind you of the burning 🔥 pain of hell if you don’t follow the religion.

I then read the bible as 🦋 father’s shield 🛡 and the Quran for 🐝 Allahs sword 🗡. This forged the mindset that I have today.