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Mistakes in the Quran and the bible

Mistakes in the Quran and the bible

I have seen people on YouTube pointing out mistakes in the Quran and the bible. I don’t know why there are mistakes but all I can tell you is that. There really is a God and it has two sprits within it Allah and Father.

Allah is a sprit of war and spreads the religion by the sword and Father is a sprit of peace and spreads the religion by love.

I tested out both their powers. I found just using Father alone wasn’t Good enough and needed Allah to force people to do what I wanted.

I start thinking should I really use the sprit of Allah? I guess I should only use it in emergencies. But my goals would be achieved much faster if I used Allah’s sprit and not Fathers.

For example using Fathers sprit of seeking cuddles to find a wife wouldn’t get me anywhere. But Allah using concubines that the right hand possesses to have my children would achieve my goal of children.

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to use Allah rather than stick with the light side that is father which is love and peace. All I know is that they both exist and have powers and I was introduced to them by God Yahweh. I guess this might seem very different to the teachings of the bible or Quran all I know is that it to be true. Make of it what you will.

If you don’t want to be at a religious war then I recommend you just stick Father’s sprit of love and peace.

In my minds eye I see Father being my shield and the head of Christianity that builds civilisation for me and Allah being my sword and the head of Islam and Mohammed’s army fighting my battles. I would like to work with both Allah and Father as a just and fair lord and bring in Gods kingdom.