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Mohammed told me to buy a tent

Mohammed told me to buy a tent

When I was in mental hospital Mohammeds sprit told me to buy a tent.

Then Jesus told me a mans castle is is his home and told me to go to conisborough castle. On the way back I found two homeless people. I brought them back to my house put the tent on Mohammed soil and teaches them about growing your own food and showed them my tomatoes in my windows. They said they would do it when they get their own home. The next morning I took them to the church. We said prayers to father and had toast. I said a prayer to the father at church that I could install an outside bathroom with shower and toilet so that homeless people could use it, then tried to buy a caravan for the homeless instead of a tent as the tend got destroyed by the wind. Later I found myself with a leaking roof and broken windows that I couldn’t afford to repair so I had to sell my home. That’s when I sold my castle and bought a sword.
That is when I met Gabriel.

“Sell your castle and buy a sword” Uriel


Now it’s time to attack!