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Mohammed’s water

Mohammed’s water

It was Allah that captured me in mental hospital and taught me about Allah’s spaceship. I was allowed to go to the local shop and bought a bottle of Pepsi. I looked at the bottle of Pepsi upside down and it looked like the word “is dad”. After I drank the Pepsi Allah told me to put his chilli seeds in the bottle with a bit of water and told me to come back later. Later I came back and undid the top and it fizzed and gas’s came out. Bang Allah said ta dar a bottle rocket. Later I turned that bottle rocket into a biodomes for caterpillar and father said I have to take care of them for life now.
I didn’t realise at the time but this was also a metaphor for my life.

This is no reason to sell pop. Lol, it was Mohammed’s water as I was in his universe the people in that universe said you can’t go wrong with Pepsi.

That is when I let in some Christian air and planters flowers and a strawberry in the mental hospital garden and water the plants with holy rain water from Ripon cathedral that I had collected when I had escaped from hospital.

Thats when I turned my prison into a shield. That is when “circles” started to win.