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Moses – Fourth horseman

Moses – Fourth horseman

Who is going to keep you warm now and provide you with clothing and shelter now that you have stood with Satan and away from God and tried to enslave men with your hiss of equal rights.

I say gods men who are good. Make your last stand against Satan. Don’t support women and be a slave to them donate your money to wildlife animals instead. Fight them with the flaming sword, don’t feed them and donate to support lions and wildlife animals to help save them from extinction.

Women I hope you enjoy the plague of COVID has God brought on the world. Pestilence. I hope you see it as a sign of how sick God is with you.

#moses #fire

Dear Allah it just makes me feel better knowing lions and tigers are going to eat them all. Joking Lol

Dear Father I love animals and want to save the earth. Lol


Love the lord – Lee