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Moses’s fire – wooden fire

Moses’s fire – wooden fire

Moses fire is a wood burning fire. You should collect your own firewood and burn it to keep warm.

Demons on the other hand spend their cash they get from sleeping with people on firewood then tell the tax man they have not had the heating on.

But there is no need to do this as if you work from home you can put a proportion of your heating bill as a business expense.


But I will eat at fathers bbq, where the charcoal and meat has not had tax paid on it, but I bring my vegetables and make peace with the demons.

Put the used charcoal in your soil. That’s Mohammed’s soil.

Now everybody fight with fire, yeeehar. Very funny where the whiskey.? It’s coming at Christmas fuel in my gas tank.

Buy Moses fire so you are a free man. Zoom you do fire Jihad and buy my Moses’s fire and I will spend in on pay per click and put it through my accounts. I need you to burn your own free firewood ;). If you can do as much as possible that would be fantastic. I need your guys support.