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My experiences so far


  • Talking to father at Ripon cathedral while lights lit up in the front of it while Music played inside. I collected rain water to save Lucy and meet her at the harvest festival.
  • Father god telling me to grow potatoes and carrots 🥕
  • Lots of voices about people attending the harvest festival and celebrating it
  • Seeing People with red eyes
  • seeing the four horsemen on Tv at night
  • god saying I could have five girlfriends
  • People teleporting in hospital
  • seeing the same person in two places at the same time in hospital
  • seeing a butterfly with small wings and a big body be created out of dust by father
  • seeing a shooting star when I pointed to the sky
  • angel Gabriel telling me the future and to save the elephant
  • I died from a heart attack and went to hell then came back to life and Jesus restored me to life with water – I felt energy flow throw my body and save souls in hell that went up to heaven.
  • God gave me the power to give women orgasms by blowing at them so I ran around , Meadowhall, Leeds, Harrogate and Ripon giving girls orgasms before being teleported back to this reality.
  • The voice of Laurie and Ian spoke above me and Laurie said let’s see what happens when we open the 7th seal then she stabbed me and I felt pain in my body and called for an ambulance.
  • Women hissing like snakes while I was in a trance saying Adam don’t trust Eve In hospital.
  • Allah chased me with a star doing missile noises all the way from Doncaster hospital to armthorpe before having a deep conversation with me.
  • and many many more