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My mighty hero’s will you take a bullet for me

My mighty hero’s will you take a bullet for me

My mighty hero’s I call upon 3000 mighty men to lay down their child sewing rights for me and go to war against Ian Parker. The father of the Antichrist.

Without massive bloodshed I want you to do the following:

  1. grow your own food
  2. Seek cuddles from my princesses (take a rubber bullet condom)
  3. Give Ian two black eyes
  4. Show him who is alpha, that’s right a man who feeds his and other men’s children
  5. Bring me Laurie and the boy.

Fighty with Allah’s might.
Tatoo a lion on you. You are one of Allah’s warriors now .

Feel my roundhouse kick Ian. That’s right I kicked my way out of the hospital doors and ran to ripon. Then I met father by the moonlight that’s why I offer forgiveness. You should go and see the hospital doors Ian at saint Caths hospital. See if you could kick them open.

When I was there in prison I met Allah.

  • I grew my beard
  • I went vegetarian
  • I grew my own food
  • I gave clothing to the needy
  • I made my own wedding water
  • I learned that the colour purple was the colour of magic. Check my logo Ian it has a purple butterfly.

Why do moths come out at night?
Praise the lord I will be married.