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My secret

My secret

My secret is. Even though it’s too late because mental hospital kept me prisoner and I lost Lucy (Elle from escort center) my love for her Spurs me on to five girlfriends. I will keep her as an option as my fifth girlfriend over a virgin. So I can have a virgin or Lucy. But I’ll keep with my mission for five girlfriends.

Jesus says if I play this song I won’t see her again. I think he tells the truth but oh well.

Adam don’t trust eve always hold out for a virgin for a wife.

Elle isn’t very well, she doesn’t think I’m a prophet.

Its ok Elle, Ra (Allah) bricked us up in our house in another universe so we can be together. Now I get it. He has cemented you in my heart.

Ra (Allah) says don’t lick the pussy. True story.

Allah says now I’ve made you more powerful than Jesus because you have the combined powers of an Angel and a genie. We made you with both waters.

Still water flows over five pure girlfriends without children.


Gassy water flows over 3000 servants with one child by the flaming sword.

Uriel the most powerful angel in the universe.